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November 25-27 & 30, 2019

Our Classic Thanksgiving Camp has been designed for competitive players who are looking to build and improve on the technical aspects of their game while building upon their game enjoyment and passion for soccer.

This camp aims to help individual players to learn, refine & improve their technical, tactical & physical skills to be covered: specific ball mastery skills, juggling, passing and first touch, 1v1 and 2v1 skills, small side decision making, yoga-soccer, and team bonding. 

Tactical elements of this camp also include: understanding small-side game variations, decision making, speed reaction and cognitive speed to allow to help players react more quickly to in-game situations. 

Our focus is to take each individual to the next level in performance each session by blending the technical, tactical, mental & physical elements in our F.A.S.T. Performance Training Camp.


Each F.A.S.T. Performance Camp Training session will cover 4 key elements of the training.

Fitness Performance  | Athletic Performance | Speed Performance | Technical Performance


Technical Skills Training: Ball Mastery, work focusing on ball manipulation, passing, and first touch. The athletes will receive multiple touches utilizing our FSA Training system.


Each session will cover key elements of athletic performance: This is a combination of SAQ’S and conditioning, along with ball mastery and skill based drills that improve speed, fitness & athleticism, gain strength & explosive power, body awareness, proper mechanics and energy system development (ESD) and collectively provide better injury prevention.


 Mind & Body Training 


Soccer can be quite complex. It certainly entails more than just running fast. When you talk about speed in your game, here are some of the attributes that will make you a better player…

Quick acceleration/deceleration in short distance or over 10-15 yards

Overall speed, endurance, strength and power

Speed in possession of the ball

Quickness of feet and stability

Lateral speed, the ability to quickly change direction

The ability to execute skills quickly

Last but not least… speed of thought


Speed in soccer does not only relate to body movement, but also the speed of thought. We know that improving your cognitive speed will allow you to react to situations on the pitch faster, compete with higher levels of confidence and provide an advantage over the player next to you.


Functional Fit Training: Built for conditioning, cognitive decision making and performance under pressure. (HIIT) will condition the athlete to make decisions while fatigued to they are able to respond quicker while building quickness and agility under physical and mental stress.


DATES: November 25, 26,27 & 30 

LOCATION: Loverde Recre Center. North Caldwell Ave. Niles, IL 60714

TIME: 10am-12pm

AGES: U8-U15 Boys and Girls (Birth years 2012-2005)


$50 per player per day when choosing 1-3 days

$180 for all 4 days 


Our 2019 Thanksgiving Classic Camp is for players of all levels from 8 to 15 years of age (birth years 2012-2006). The camp format dedicates the beginning of each session to working on basic skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting skills. Then the second part will be dedicated to teamwork and game situations like defensive positioning and offensive strategies. Training is from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Camp Staff: The camp staff will include FSA Coaching staff members who are all licensed coaches. Players will receive instruction and feedback from our professional coaching staff.

What to Bring: indoor soccer shoes, shin guards, appropriate soccer attire, and a lot of water.

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