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Private training

1 - 3


Private training classes will be made up of 1-3 players. These private classes are organized for players who know each other such as siblings or a set of friends.  You create this group and we organize the program to fit the needs of player. This class has a heavy focus on the individual player needs and will provides immediate feedback to accelerate learning for each individual.  

1 player - $75  |  2 players - $40 each  |  3 players - $30 each

Small group training

1 - 4



Small group training classes will hold up to 4 players. These classes will have a heavy focus on individual development. This class provides for immediate feedback and a personal approach to the skills that are taught. 


$100/ 4 week session

Group training

4 - 8


Group training classes will hold up to 8 players when indoor and 10 players for outdoor classes. Group training classes will focus on developing individual  skills and technique, but teaching will be directed towards the group and less towards 


$80/ 4 week session

Elite training


Elite training sessions are for individuals who are already playing at a high level and are looking to take their game to the next level. Players may be looking to prep for their college season, make a Super-Y team, perform better on their ODP team or other high level competitive teams. Contact us to see if you qualify for this level of training. Email:


Fees Vary

Team organized training

Limited to your group of players

Do you already have space, but no coach?  Do you have a team or group of players looking for more training? We can help. Let's talk and see what we can do for you. Contact us to see what we can do for you. Email:


Fees Vary


​We use  functional training to develop  strength & endurance through high-intensity compound training. Equally important is mental fitness where athletes are pushed to the limit to reach their potential.


​We have a long-term approach and focus on the total athlete development.  We designed training to improve the fundamentals of balance, coordination & agility. We use dynamic & complex movement patterns to elevate athletic performance and enhance the mind/body connection.  


​We focus on 3 types of speed: 

   1. Physical speed

   2. Mental speed (processing)

   3. Game speed.

All three are interconnected, but are taught uniquely in training. 


​We teach and refine correct technique to achieve ball mastery and improve physical mechanics through positive muscle memory. Learning correct technique now reduces future corrective measures. 

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